Questions and Answers

Q: Do the cabins have plumbing?


A: No, They have plumbing fixtures such as bathroom and kitchen sink, faucets and shower. But no plumbing, pipes, cut outs, water/sewer lines, washer hook up's, etc. are provided or offered. With the way the cabins are hauled all plumbing must be done by a licensed plumber after the cabin is on the foundation, finding a plumber is the responsibility of the customer.

***We do supply a FREE on demand tankless water heater with the purchase of a Deluxe cabin, supplied not installed.


Q: Do you install the HVAC?


A: Yes and No. The only heat and air option we offer is a Frigidaire wall mounted heating and air unit. Please visit our option page for more info.


Q: What do you recommend for the foundation and can you provide it?


A: We always recommend a full concrete block foundation, but cabins can be set on a concrete pad, gravel, concrete blocks (For leveling purpose only), basement or a pier foundation. Yes, in select areas we can provide the foundation, but for most we can provide drawings for you to contract locally for the foundation. Please visit our cabin foundation page for more information.


Q: Where can I see a cabin display?


A: Our main office is in Shepherdsville, KY where we keep displays on site. Please call ahead for appointments.


Q: What is the difference between the "Deluxe" cabins, the "Basic" cabins and the cabin kits?


A: The Deluxe and Basic cabins are prebuilt and delivered to your site. The difference between them is that the Deluxe cabins are fully finished with interior walls, insulation, interior/exterior doors, windows, flooring, bathroom, kitchen/bathroom cabinetry, loft and electrical wiring. The Basic cabins are only the cabin exterior shell such as roof, windows, exterior walls and floor. They are for the "Do-it-yourselfer" who wants to finish the cabin at their own pace using their own labor. We can add our insulation package and other options to the Basic for a customized cabin.

The cabin kits are shipped unassembled, via flatbed trailer and are assembled onsite by the buyer or their contractor. Kits can be cut in any size and style with several options available. In select areas we can assist in finding a builder for your cabin kit.
Q: What is your lead time?
A: Depending on the time of year and the order your placing most portable cabins are built and delivered within 6-8 months from date ordered. Need something quick? Check out our "Display Sales" page.
Q: What size are the logs?
A: 1 1/2" X 5" Half logs
Q: What is the upkeep?
A: Exterior- Depending on weather conditions in your area it's recommended to re-apply stain and sealer every 5-8 years. Interior - We recommend that you apply at least one coat of clear coat polyurethane within 4-5 months of receiving your cabin. This is an available option, please visit our "Options" page for pricing.
Q: Who is responsible for local building permits?
A: The buyer is responsible for all code compliance and permits. We have a consulting architect and full architectural plans on each model (Excluding the Lincoln)  and we can assist if needed. If architect's services are required, buyer is responsible for fees. Each cabin model is Kentucky Industrialized Building Systems (KIBS) approved as modular residential units and inspected in our shop during construction. Electrical hookups are Kentucky inspected and approved. No plumbing hookups are included-buyer responsible for such onsite after delivery.
Q: What is the Kentucky Industrialized Building Systems (KIBS) modular residence approval which these cabins each have and why is it important?
A: This approval is subject to a rigid application process and ongoing inspections during construction, ensuring that the model meets the current Kentucky-adopted building codes. Full architectural drawings are required for submission in the application for each model and inspections are performed during construction by a certified third party inspection agency. Our KIBS approval is renewed every 5 years to make sure ours cabins meet all current state requirements.
Q: What is the post and beam construction?
A: A construction framework where there is a use of timbers in both vertical and the horizontal position. The horizontal timbers are known as the beams and those that remain upright are the posts. See
Q: What if I'm outside the 200 miles?
A: No problem. We delivery/ship to all corners of the U.S. Please visit our cabin delivery page for more info.
Q: What if I want a cabin larger than 14x40?
A: We offer built on site's only in select areas of Kentucky. But recommend a cabin kit for larger sizes. We can also connect two portable cabins on site please visit our Olympic T page for more info.
Q: Do you offer financing?
A: No. However many banks, credit unions and other financial institutions do offer financing on our cabins which are deeded real estate, depending of course upon your personal financial situation.
Q: Where are the cabins made?
A: Our cabins are made by the Amish in a custom off-grid facility on an Amish farm in Kentucky. The floors are radiant heated by wood-fired furnaces to ensure proper application of stains inside the facility. The CNC machines and all other tools are powered by an onsite diesel generator.
Q: What kind of metal roofing do you use, and what is the roofing warranty?
A: Everlast Roofing metal roof, with 40 year roof warranty, made in the USA. Your choice of roof color. View your preferred stain colors and roof colors together at this page:
Q: Do you offer appliances?
A: No, it's not ideal to haul cabins with the appliances. Also to help keep cost low it's more cost effective for the customer to purchase them from their local store and have them installed.