Cabin Options

Additional Kitchen Cabinets - Priced per linear foot


Includes upper and lower cabinets, sink and your choice of laminate


*Deluxe cabins include 14' of kitchen cabinets and sink

Add a custom island or bar
Loft(s) - Priced per square foot

Includes railing, loft ladder and insulated loft window

*Deluxe cabins include (1) 10' loft

Cosmetic Dormers - Dormers can be added to any cabin and most deluxe cabins include 2.


Functional dormers - Cosmetic dormers can be upgraded to functional dormers for an upcharge.
Porch- Priced per square foot additional porches can be added to any cabin and are constructed onsite.
Wall Mounted Heating and Air Unit - Made by Frigidaire with 18,500 BTU'S it's perfect for heating and cooling our portable cabins.
Upgrade your loft with a pull down ladder. It's more convenient and allows for the railing to go all the way across.
Polyurethane- Priced per square foot we apply a thick layer of polyurethane to the entire interior to protect the wood from darkening and/or staining over time.

Stained Floor - We can apply a dark stain to the floor to give the interior some contrast.

Stained Timbers and/or cabinets - We can apply stain (your choice of color) to the timbers and/or cabinets to give your cabin a personal touch!

Pocket Doors- Upgrade your interior doors (Where wall space is available) to gain space where interior doors would normally open. Running along a track the door simply slides into the wall.



You can purchase additional entry doors with or without a window.


We also have:


Screen Door(s), Storm Door(s), French Door(s)






Small - 22"x30" (Typically used over kitchen sink)


Medium - 32"x36" (Standard in all Basic and Deluxe cabins)


Large - 36"x48" (Upgrade)


Extra Large - 36"x60" (Upgrade)


Loft - 16"x20" (Included with all lofts)