Cabin Options
NEW! Gibson Mini-Split System: Air conditioner and heat pump

Cabins up to 40' - $1450

48' Cabins - $1790

Pricing covers package designed for your particular size/layout per our engineer.

Stained Trusses

Add cosmetic timbers and have them stained for an additional fee.

Additional Kitchen Cabinets - Priced per linear foot


Includes upper and lower cabinets, sink and your choice of laminate


*Deluxe cabins include 14' of kitchen cabinets and sink

Add a custom island or bar

Cosmetic Dormers - Deluxe cabins include 2 up to 14x40. Cabins larger than 40' include 3.


Functional dormers - Cosmetic dormers can be upgraded to functional dormers for an upcharge.
Porch- Some models include an inset porch while others include a 6' porch kit running the length of the cabin. KY customers have the option of having the porch constructed on site. For cabins delivered outside Kentucky the customer is responsible for hiring a licensed contractor to construct the porch. (Maximum porch width - 6')

Due to the pressure treated lumber porches do not include staining. This must be done by the customer at a later date. We recommend a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 1 year.
Wall Mounted Heating and Air Unit - Made by Frigidaire they're perfect for heating and cooling our portable cabins.

We offer 3 sizes: 8,000 BTU, 18,500 BTU and 22,000 BTU
French Doors
Screen Doors
Polyurethane- Now a standard feature!

Stained Floor - We can apply a stain to the floor to give the interior some contrast.

Pocket Doors- Upgrade your interior doors (Where wall space is available) to gain space where interior doors would normally open. Running along a track the door simply slides into the wall.



You can purchase additional entry doors with or without a window.


We also have:


Screen Door(s), Storm Door(s), French Door(s)






Small - 22"x30" (Typically used over kitchen sink)


Medium - 32"x36" (Standard in all Basic and Deluxe cabins)


Large - 36"x48" (Upgrade)


Extra Large - 36"x60" (Upgrade)