Cabin Comments
Custom Bunk House

Hi Jenny I just wanted to say that the cabin is all done and thank you very much for everything you did I really appreciate it!  Eric did an excellent job he made sure everything was done perfect.  Thank you so much for the two chairs they're wonderful, I will truly enjoy them and I really appreciate it.  Thanks again for everything!



Love my cabin! - A.G.


Thanks for everything!

We do something around the cabin inside or outside every day when I'm not working. It's been a journey but loads of fun. I've made lots of mistakes but you either fix them or learn to live with them. Not bad for a city boy from Iowa. Looking back there's many things I'd do differently but having Amish Made build our little cabin is not one of them. - J.T.
The cabin made it and we love it!  - J.J.

Thanks to everyone for helping put this together. It's truly been great working with your family business. C.D.

The Cabin is everything we ever wanted.

The Boone, which became my tavern is loved by everyone who comes by.

Once again thanks,


The house was delivered and it looks GREAT!!! I'm very pleased with it.  - NBJ
We love our cabin! 

I'll send some pictures



Both Glenda & I are extremely satisfied with
the cabin.  Stephan and Benjamin finished up on the cabin yesterday, and
everything is exactly as we expected.  Once the back fill on the
foundation is completed and the finishing gravel put on the driveway, I will
shoot some pictures and send to you and Jenny.  Thanks for being so
kind and patient with us. If anyone in the area wants to know who built the
cabin, I will tell them about your company.




is LOVING her home can't get her to go any where...ha ha!


If be happy to give a recommendation. Thanks,



 It took a lot longer than we thought but we are very

Thanks for all of your help.  Please give our regards to
Lester and the crew who made it all come together! R.T.



I still love my cabin and would give a positive reference. Yes, it is hard to believe. I have big fish in my pond now. Our landscaping has matured. it now looks like an established home instead of new construction. I think I am most surprised at how energy efficient the cabin has been. Its easy and not terribly expensive to keep in warm in deep cold winter, cool in hottest of summer. - T.W.

We bought a cabin from you all a while back and absolutely love it


Absolutely you can use pictures. We will move in this weekend.  I will send some more photos of the decorated cabin.  If you have someone in the area that ever wants to view / walk-thru, we would be welcome to the idea of sharing a tour if they can’t make it to you.