Amish Cabin Features
Our Amish cabins are made of Eastern White Pine milled in shop by the Amish. Eastern White Pine’s softness makes it easy to work with, but more importantly, this particular species is quite strong for its weight, and doesn’t have as much of a tendency to twist as some hardwoods. It also doesn’t shrink as much as many other species when properly treated, and has a strong cross-grain fiber that prevents it from splitting that can affect the sturdiness of the wood.
Experience the beauty, craftsmanship and remarkable design style offered by our timber frame construction with exposed post and beams. Inspired by the impressive timber framed buildings of previous centuries it showcases the warm, emotionally engaging appeal of wood while also delivering one of the most stable and energy efficient design styles available. 

Basic Features

Deluxe Features

  • Loft with Railing, Ladder and Loft Window
  • 1-2 Bedrooms (2 Bedrooms only available with 14x40 models)
  • Bathroom with Fixtures
  • Kitchen cabinets with Sink
  • Insulation Package
  • 200 Amp Electric Package
  • 2 Dormers (Non-functional)
  • Treated skids
  • All Screws
Standard Dimensions
Additional height available with Kits
Exterior Side Wall - 8' 10"
Exterior Apex - 11' 4"
Interior Side Wall - 8' 3"
Interior Height Under Loft - 7'
Interior Apex - 10' 8"
Loft Apex - 3' 6"




We use NBS-30 an insect repellent stain additive designed to repel most ants, cockroaches, beetles, mites, spiders, fleas, ticks, silverfish, dirt daubers, wasps, ladybugs and carpenter bees. NBS-30 is not an insecticide; it is an all natural insect repellent. 


NBS-30 is an insect repellent; not an insecticide. The odor of the  product’s ingredients is initially quite strong and very noticeable thus repelling the insects. Ingredients are biologically natural and  derived from plant extracts.